What We Do

Throughout a career spanning over 25 years, Matt Kutcher has continued to increase the value of his brand, Spectrum FX, as well as his expertise and experience in challenging environments. He has repeatedly proven his ability as Special FX Supervisor, most recently on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and 22 Jump Street, and large-scale water based environments for San Andreas in Australia and Point Break filmed at Fox Baja.

Matt has become the "go to" resource for challenging projects that involve complex mechanical effects (of course the big signature KABOOM!), extreme environments, and challenging action sequences. In the ever-evolving blend of CGI and Mechanical Effects Matt has gained the respect of Producers, Directors, and Visual Effects Supervisors over the years. During this time he has more often than not been asked to supervise action units as Second Unit Director. After over a decade of DGA and SAG credits, and two decades in IATSE, you could definitely say Matt has paid his dues.

Matt is a licensed dealer, user, and manufacturer of high explosives by the ATF and multiple individual states, and is licensed for the manufacturing of firearms. Furthermore, Matt is certified by the Louisiana State Police as an instructor in concealed carry, NRA firearm protection in the home and NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.

Matt made the decision to relocate Spectrum FX's facilities to New Orleans in 2010 and can often be found at his research and development compound located at G Street Films. As you can see by his resume, Matt has been responsible for Supervising Special Effects for the motion picture industry in over 100 feature films as well as a multitude of television shows.